Easy Salad Dressing Recipes

With the coming of the spring, we all want to lighten up our meals and include more and more fresh, healthy ingredients. And what is the better way to achieve this but with delicious, crunchy, healthy salads? There are so many ways to make salads – you can use you favorite veggies, fruits, herbs, you can even turn your salad in a whole meal by adding meat, fish, seafood… However you like your salad, one thing is for certain – you always need a perfect dressing. To be honest, there are tons of bottled, ready to use dressings in the stores, but preparing a homemade dressing is the real deal! Not only because of the taste – it is also about the nutritional value and fresh ingredients you can control. So, those of you who appreciate homemade, we prepared this collection of easy salad dressing recipes. There are plenty of recipes to try – all using interesting, fresh ingredients. Check then out bellow…
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Avocado Ranch Dressing

This is a dressing that you’ll want to eat everyday and on everything! It is creamy, delicious and goes perfectly over a pasta salad. If you are an Avocado fan like we are and appreciate all the nutritional values it has then you must try this recipe from dineanddish.net


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