Creative Recycle Crafts Ideas

We know how important recycling is, but creating recycle crafts can be more then just useful – it can be so much fun as well! Doing new and useful things out of old ones that seemed to be useless is so rewarding. This is why we always strive to share projects like this, projects that are budget friendly, good for the mother nature and easy and fun to be made. We are sure you will enjoy our small collection of creative recycle crafts ideas we have chosen to share today as all of the projects are worth trying. Let’s check them out together and see how we can do wonderful things recycling old useless junk… Many of the projects are kids friendly as well. 

Recycled Rocket Craft

We are starting with this easy kids friendly craft that can bring so much fun to you and your kids. The tutorial at teaches you how to make a rocket out of a clean juice bottle with the help of 2 toilet paper rolls, some red, yellow and orange foam ( paper would do), some crayons, some recycled bottle caps, a paper grocery bag, some sparkles, a washed out applesauce container( single use), scissors, white paint and a hot glue gun and glue.


Recycle Water Bottles and Turn Them Into Calla Lilies!

We are totally loving this recycling idea we’ve found on It is all about making wonderful calla lilies out of water bottles. You must have some empty water bottles around, waiting to be repurposed! There is a great tutorial on how to do this at – including a video. You will love this craft.


Tetra Pack Vase – a recycle craft project

This tetra pack vase makes a great Valentine’s day decoration and you can make it in no time, so it is the ultimate last-minute Valentine craft or a great gift for Mother’s day as well. To make the vase you’ll need Tetra Pack, scissors, white acrylic paint, paint brush, stickers etc to decorate and some glue. Check the full tutorial at


DIY Seek and Find Bottle Game

This is so great for entertaining the kids and also a great way to use all those water or pop bottles ready to be thrown away. We are talking about making a fun and creative seek and find bottle game that is great to have  in the car, in the diaper bag, or on the coffee table. The detailed instruction on what you’ll need and how to make the bottle game can be found on


ReCycle Craft: Milk Carton Weaving!

This milk carton cups are great for holding pens, markers, scissors, and paint brushes. And they are easy to be made so we are sure you will love the idea as much as we did. has the project and we are happy to share it with you. Skip to the blog to check it out.


Recycled Test Tubes and Lab Racks Storage

This idea is so fresh and fun to be made. has a great tutorial on how to make useful storage using old test tubes and lab racks. They also have an awesome idea on how to a button storage using old jars. Go an check their tutorials as they are easy, eco friendly and useful – everything we are looking for in a craft project.


Duck Tape Recycled Robot

Instead of buying your kid a fancy expensive toy why not try and make an interesting, unique and eco friendly one? The kids will love this robot as much as the store bought ones, we are sure about that! The main thing you’ll need to create this robot is a cereal box.  Vegetable cans and soda cans are great for legs and a head, while paper towel tubes make ideal robot arms. Go to for full detailed instructions.


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